Darlington couple reunited, as husband moves into his wife's care home so he can see her every day

Video from Burlington Care Ltd.

Harry meets Doreen.

The Care Team at The Grange in Darlington have been working hard, and today managed to reunite resident Doreen with Harry, her husband of 67 years.

Harry moved into the home, to avoid another day without his wife.

Harry is 91 years old and Doreen is 87 years old, and are both from Darlington.Both were living at home, but Doreen was too frail to care for him after Harry fell, and about 2 months ago, Harry caught COVID. The family had made the decision to move their family into The Grange, but obviously these are uncertain times and no one could be sure they would see each other again.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, Harry was unable to move in until he received the all clear from the hospital.

They are now reunited, much to their happiness, and the hard work of the care team to keep the two of them together. Their family have been involved throughout, determined to keep the 67-years married couple together.

The video, shared by Burlington Care Ltd. has already had hundreds of likes and shares, with lots of people saying they've shed a tear at the happy reunion.

Their granddaughter Laura also tweeted about her love for them both - and says she can't wait to be able to see them again!