Writing books isn't just for adults, as six-year-old girl from Wallsend becomes published author

Writing books isn't just for adults!

Six year old Kitty Saunders from North Tyneside has become an author, writing two books during lockdown. She has a rare immune disorder, diagnosed in 2018 after contracting meningitis and sepsis. That meant weeks of shielding, and lots of time to write and draw. 

They thought the project would just be for family members - and never expected they'd get hundreds of sales, with copies of the books being sold all over the world.

When Kitty started sketching her interpretation of coronavirus during the first lockdown, her grandad encouraged her to jot it down - and it led to her first book 'Kitty and the Virus' which has had over 300 sales. She has recently released her second book - 'Kitty saves Christmas'.

She says she just wants to use her experience to help other children who are struggling during lockdown.