ICU 'online choir' releases song in bid to reach Christmas number one

Video report by Katie Cole

A 100 strong 'online choir' made up of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) staff, some from the North East, is releasing a song in a bid to reach Christmas number one.

The ICU Liberty Singers are covering the Police track ‘Every Breath You Take’ to raise money to support the NHS staff who have worked on the frontline.

The choir is made up of ICU staff, including nurses, doctors and health professionals who have been working on the frontline in the fight against coronavirus.

Staff working in the ICU said they needed something to take their minds off the coronavirus pandemic.

Working on the basis that music and singing are relaxing for the mind, Choir Director Kari Olsen Porthouse contacted Dean of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, Dr Alison Pittard and offered to run a pop up choir – involving four singing sessions and a remote recording of one of the songs.Kari said “Singing is immensely powerful for helping establish and maintain goodmental health – but something really special happens when we sing together and theeffect is even more powerful."

She added: "That perfectly captures the strength and teamwork of ICU staff this year and the chance to give them something back and recognise their phenomenal efforts is a privilege”.