Covid rule-breakers should "expect enforcement action", say Northumbria Police

Assistant Chief Constable Scott Hall Credit: Northumbria Police

Northumbria Police chiefs have said that officers "will not waste time with people who knowingly break the rules" in this lockdown.

Assistant Chief Constable, Scott Hall, said advice will be given to those who break the rules mistakenly, but people who continuously break the rules should "expect to receive enforcement action".

He said: "We recognise this has certainly not been the start to the New Year we had hoped, with a further lockdown now upon us.

Last year in the face of such adversity – with the message very much about space and keeping our distance – the way the North East came together in so many other ways is to be commended.

Assistant Chief Constable Scott Hall

"And that togetherness is needed just as much now. We would ask that you continue to work with us – and follow the regulations and guidance in place to protect one another. In doing so, we are calling on all our communities to play their part in helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19."

Under the lockdown measures, police say people are permitted to leave their homes for a limited number of reasons, those briefly being:

  • To shop for essentials

  • Exercise

  • Work (If you are unable to do your job at home)

  • To seek medical assistance

  • To escape from domestic abuse

The Assistant Chief Constable continued: "We recognise that businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic, with a number now closed and others finding new ways of working. This includes, the need to support their workforce to work from home wherever possible. We ask employers continue these efforts to ensure visits to the workplace and subsequent contacts with people are kept to an absolute minimum. We appreciate there will be those who need to physically go into work, and where that is the case we would ask companies and individuals do all they can to make the environment as safe as possible.

"Throughout this pandemic the majority of people have done the right thing – and for that we are grateful.

"And we know that no matter what 2021 brings, what will remain steadfast is the resolve of the North East to pull together."