71-year-old grandfather sets out to swim 100km in North Sea during 2021 to raise money for Brain Tumour charity

A 71-year-old grandfather from Northumberland has set himself a huge challenge - aiming to swim 100km (62 miles) in open water during 2021 to raise money for Brain Tumour Research.

Alan Holmes, from Bedlington, chose the charity after his 18-year-old grandson was diagnosed with a second brain tumour - Alan also lost his daughter to cancer in 2012.

He swims with the help of his support bubble, and has invested in all the right equipment to ensure he stays safe and gets the 62 miles in to raise £1000.

Alan said: "It's difficult, but I look at Matthew and think what can I do. First thing is that I would swap places with him in a heartbeat, but that's not possible.

"So I found something I could do that could help him."