22 Mountain Rescue rangers called out to rescue car trapped in floodwaters in North Yorkshire

Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team were called to Hob Hole just after midnight on Tuesday 12th Jan by North Yorkshire Police, after reports of a car partially submerged in flood waters at the ford.

Credit: North Yorkshire Moors Moorland Organisation

22 team members were sent, including ten of their 'Swift Water Rescue Technicians' - who are specially trained and equipped to deal with water and flood rescues. The water was running extremely fast, as seen in this video from North Yorkshire Moors Moorland Organisation.

Due to the force of the water, they were unable to enter the water but searched from the nearby footbridge using long pole to check whether there were people in the car - but luckily it was empty.

Credit: Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team

They then searched the bank side downstream of the car, but found no one - and all together the team spent five hours at the scene.

Credit: North Yorkshire Moors Moorland Organisation

North Yorkshire Police say they've managed to contact the owner of the vehicle, who is from Middlesbrough - but it's unknown where they travelled from, and how the car came to be stuck.