Concern in York over Covid rule-breakers

There are concerns in North Yorkshire that some people are not following the government guidance on coronavirus. There have been calls for more people to adhere to social distancing and ensure face masks are worn correctly.

A further 1,564 people died with coronavirus across the country on Wednesday, reaching the highest daily figure since the outbreak began.

In York, city leaders have once again been reminding people of the need to stay at home. 

Richard Flinton, the Chief Executive of York City Council said: "On behalf of the local resilience forum and the county council I would like express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who continue to do the right thing and who are staying at home.

"For the tiny minority who think it’s OK to have a birthday party at home with friends or drive unreasonable distances to take their daily exercise I would warn that they should expect a word from our colleagues at North Yorkshire Police.

"Because whilst officers have been incredibly patient in explaining the rules to people, they are equally clear that those choosing to flout them deliberately can expect a fine.

"Double the number of fines were issued in the first week of this full national lockdown than the last one"