Over 200 arrested by Cleveland and Durham Police during drink and drug drive campaign

A total of 248 arrests were made across the two counties during Cleveland and Durham Police's Christmas drink and drug driving campaign. 

Police officers from Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operation Unit worked with colleagues from Cleveland Special Constabulary to tackle people driving behind the wheel whilst under the influence.

The campaign stressed that emergency services are already strained with dealing with the pandemic, without unnecessary tragedies at the hands of irresponsible drivers. 

One driver getting behind the wheel with drugs or alcohol in their system is enough to kill someone, so to have 248 drivers suspected of being under the influence throughout December in Cleveland and Durham is shocking...police officers will do everything in their power to bring them to justice.

Inspector Jamie Bell, Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit

Drink and drug driving is one of the main four causes of fatal collisions, alongside speeding, distraction and not wearing a seat belt. 

Cleveland Police made:


total arrests


on suspicion of drink-driving


on suspicion of drug-driving

Durham Police made:


total arrests


on suspicion of drink-driving


on suspicion of drug-driving