Hit and run driver jailed for two years after death of couple in Newcastle

Ann and Lawrence Nickerson Credit: Northumbria Police

A man is beginning a jail sentence following the death of a couple in a hit and run accident in Newcastle.

Ann and Lawrence Nickerson were walking to a restaurant in the Jesmond area of the city in November 2019, when they were hit by a car. Ann, 75, died at the scene. Her 79-year-old husband was taken to hospital, where he died. 

Asif Hussain later handed himself into police. 

In court, Hussain pleaded guilty to two counts of causing death by careless driving, causing death whilst uninsured, failing to stop following a collision and possession of cannabis.

Asif Hussain

On Friday 15 January 2021, the 23-year-old from Wingrove Gardens in Newcastle was sentenced at the city's crown court to two years in jail.

In a statement, the Nickerson family said:

Today brings us closure on the criminal proceedings but in no way does it bring any relief. Our family and all those that knew and loved our parents are still grieving their loss. They were the most wonderful people tragically taken from us before their time. We miss them beyond belief.

Nickerson family statement

Northumbria Police described the deaths as 'completely preventable' and said the case had been 'devastating' for those involved. In a statement, Sergeant Matt Sykes said:

"Ann and Lawrence’s deaths were completely preventable and this incident shows just how the senseless and irresponsible actions of one person can bring total devastation to other people’s lives.

"Hussain hit two innocent pedestrians because he was driving carelessly and too fast, and also fled the scene, leaving them dying in the road.

"One day his custodial sentence will come to an end, but hopefully the needless taking of the lives of two innocent people is something which will stay with him forever."