Landslip washes away base of cliff at Staithes leaving stairway exposed

Landslip on the stairs to the beech at Staithes, North Yorkshire
A spokesperson for the coastguard said: "We currently urge visitors to not attempt to descend the cliff to access Port Mulgrave." Credit: Staithes Coastguard

A landslip has washed away part of the the path leading between Staithes and Runswick Bay in North Yorkshire.

Staithes Coastguard is urging the public to stay away from the steps at Port Mulgrave, after a section of the cliff gave way following a spell of torrential rain and cold weather.

Emergency services assessed the area on Sunday following the call from a local resident.

A spokesperson for the coastguard said: "Due to recent heavy rainfall and freezing conditions many areas of the coastline are suffering from erosion.

The steps at Port Mulgrave, between Staithes and Runswick Bay. Credit: Staithes Coastguard

"Our guidance would be to stay out away from the base of the cliff the same distance as the cliff height, and stay on designated coastal paths away from cliff edges."

"We continue to repeat our warnings that visitors to the coast should keep away from cliff edges and the base of cliffs due to continued erosion."

Staithes Coastguard say the public should dial 999 in the event of an emergency, including serious coastal erosion.