HM Coastguard says 'stay away from the coast' following severe weather warnings

There were stormy scenes on Sunday, including at Sandsend in Whitby

Her Majesty's Coastguard is warning people to stay away from the coast, because of 'extremely dangerous conditions' caused by severe weather.

The Met Office has issued a Yellow weather warning for snow and ice across the whole of the North East region, which remains in place for a full five days.

Forecasters also predict strong winds with gusts of up to 45mph.

The Met Office has issued a Yellow weather warning for snow and ice for the next five days. Credit: The Met Office

HM Coastguard in Redcar says the severe weather will be extremely dangerous and is advising anyone living near the coast to exercise elsewhere:

HM Coastguard is also reminding people to be careful around the region's cliffs after several partial collapses over the last few weeks.

Last weekend, a member of the public caught on camera the dramatic moment a section of cliff collapsed at Marsden in South Tyneside.

The area is is a local beauty spot, popular with dog walkers and families.

In North Yorkshire, a recent landslip washed away part of the path between Staithes and Runswick Bay.

The local Coastguard has now urged the public to stay away from the steps at Port Mulgrave following a spell of torrential rain and cold weather.

The steps at Port Mulgrave, between Staithes and Runswick Bay. Credit: Staithes Coastguard

HM Coastguard has issued the following advice for over the next five days:

  • Keep well away from breaking waves – avoid areas such as harbour walls, promenades, exposed beaches, rocky outcrops, cliffs and exposed coastal paths.

  • Large waves are expected in these areas and the sea state is very rough. Remember just a small amount of water can sweep you out to sea.

  • On that note please also be mindful of the state of our local cliffs. Several partial collapses have occurred over the last couple of weeks and this weather will undoubtedly cause more. Is that selfie or action shot worth it?

  • Never risk your life for a photo. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

  • Rocks and paths will be extremely slippery.

  • Ensure you wear suitable footwear and keep well away from the cliff edges and off the rocks.

  • A simple slip on the rocks can lead to serious injury and if the tide is coming in a risk of you being washed out to sea.

  • With the forecast rain, snow and sub-zero temperatures ensure you have the right equipment and clothing if you are venturing out, including a whistle and torch and a means to call for help.

  • Let somebody know of your intended walking route and when you should be back. Remember the wind chill will make it colder than the forecast temperature.

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