Steven Clark's parents 'relieved' after being released without charge following murder arrest

Report by Rachel Bullock

The parents of missing Steven Clark have spoken of their relief, having being released without charge after being arrested on suspicion of his murder.

Charles and Doris Clark were horrified when police arrived at their home in Markse last September and placed them under house arrest for the murder of their son Steven.

Steven vanished in December 1992, aged 23. His body has never been found.

Steven Clark had a distinctive walk as a result of a childhood road accident. Credit: Cleveland Police

His parents thought 28 years without him couldn't get any worse, until September 2020, when they were arrested for his murder.

Absolutely horrendous, because we didn't know what was going on, to be accused of murder and to go through all the rigmarole of being arrested and put in a cell and it was terrible, terrible.

Doris Clark, Steven Clark's mother

Steven's father Charles remembers being in the shower when the police arrived. He said:

They got me out of the shower and I went down just with a towel around me and they said 'I'm under arrest for the murder of Steven.

Charles Clark, Steven Clark's father

The pair were initially arrested on the Monday, with officers returning on the Friday. They said to Doris: ''You can finish your breakfast, but we'll give you an hour to get a few things together and then you'll have to leave the house.''

That was to allow police to search the house, attic and garden.

What they expected to find after all these years, I don't know. It was quite crazy really. Twenty-eight years ago they could have done it, 25 years ago even. Twenty-eight years before they decided to come and dig the house up.

Charles Clark, Steven Clark's father

After months of suspicion, Charles and Doris were released without charge and the couple do accept the police were following important lines of enquiry and correct procedure.

This is a case that has alluded detectives ever since Steven vanished, making national headlines.

He was last seen on a walk with his parents in Saltburn, 28 December, 1992. He went into some public toilets - and his mother saw him walk in, but she never saw him again.

The case was a missing persons enquiry for decades, until last year when it was reopened as a murder investigation and Mr and Mrs Clark were arrested.

I remember the two of us walking along the beach and going to the gents. It is so bright in my mind I'll never forget it. But then as I waited for him to come out of the gents. That was the last time I saw him. He just disappeared.

Doris Clark, Steven Clark's mother

Charles and Doris believe Steven may still be alive and that someone out there knows what happened to him.

Somebody, even if it is just one person, somebody knows what happened to Steven, just let us know.

Charles & Doris Clark, Steven Clark's parents

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