Losing Middlesbrough's Captain Cook Pub is "not an option", says Mayor Andy Preston

The Captain Cook pub on Durham Street in Middlehaven Credit: Middlesbrough Council

Proposals have been made for emergency works to protect Middlesbrough's oldest standing pub from further deterioration, as Mayor Andy Preston says losing it "is not an option".

The Grade II listed Captain Cook Pub was designed by Middlesbrough's Robert Moore and was erected in 1893. Last year, it was listed as one of the Top Ten Most Endangered Buildings by The Victorian Society.


It is thought the cost would exceed half a million pounds

Middlesbrough Council says it has "prioritised the restoration of the Durham Street pub for a number of years but has lacked the resources to take the project forward".

Resources are being sought from the Towns Fund to allow some of the restoration work to take place on both the Old Town Hall and the Captain Cook Pub, if successful.

However, the council says the deterioration of the Captain Cook Pub building has accelerated and major stabilisation works are required.

As building works are proposed on the Boho Village site on Cleveland Street next door, it is felt that these stabilisation works need to take place immediately, if the building is to survive the disruption and vibration that is inevitable.

Middlesbrough Council

The costs of the stabilisation are estimated to be around £538,000 and would come from savings made in the revised proposals for the town's Boho X project.

Losing the Captain Cook pub is not an option. It was a fantastic pub and a beautiful building - but it's knackered now and if we don't spend this money we'll lose it forever - that's not an option.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston