North Yorkshire police issue highest number of weekly Covid fines since start of third lockdown

Credit: PA Images

North Yorkshire Police have given out a record number of fines to people breaching lockdown restrictions.

186 fixed penalty notices were issued between February 9 and 16, making it the force's busiest week since the start of the third lockdown in January.

Superintendent Mike Walker said the force would "continue to actively target these blatant breaches" by a "reckless minority who think the regulations do not apply to them."

While infection rates are falling in parts of North Yorkshire, he says people should not be “complacent.”


fines were given out in the past seven days

He said: “We will continue to actively target these blatant breaches while providing a highly-visible and reassuring presence for the wider community who are doing the right thing and helping to tackle this public health crisis."

This is not the time to become complacent about the coronavirus. We've got to keep going and make sure all the hard work and sacrifice has been for the worthwhile purpose - protecting our loved ones and returning to the lifestyle we have taken for granted in the past.

Superintendent Mike Walker, North Yorkshire Police

North Yorkshire Police have issued 826 fines since the third lockdown began on 6 January. Overall, 2,719 fines have been given out since the start of the first lockdown last year.

Two people in Scarborough were given fixed penalty notices after they attended an indoor gathering in the town centre on Saturday evening.

The pair were fined again three hours later for attending a second indoor gathering more than four miles away.

What can you be fined for?

Examples include -

  • Meeting more people than allowed

  • Staying overnight

  • Holding large gatherings

  • Travelling out of your area

  • Breaches of face-covering rules

  • Businesses not enforcing rules like wearing of face coverings,refusing to close, not following table service rules, or hosting larger thanallowed gatherings.

  • Failing to isolate after international travel