People 'putting their lives at risk' on Gateshead riverside after landslip

Keelman's Way, Gateshead Credit: Gateshead Council

Gateshead Council says people are "putting their lives at risk" by ignoring the emergency footpath closure on Keelman's Way.

A section of the path, near Wylam, had to be closed after a landslip earlier this month.

There are still concerns it could collapse and barriers have been put up to stop people using the walkway.

The barriers placed across the footpath by Gateshead Council to protect the public are being regularly hauled aside and even pushed into the river by people who are determined to use the path despite the dangers of doing so. 

Gateshead Council

The council has now erected heavy fencing in a bid to stop people using the area.

The collapsed section of riverbank is privately-owned and the council is in communication with the landowners to discuss the restoration of the riverbank and the reopening of the Keelman’s Way. 

Gradual erosion of this section of riverbank was first noted in early 2019 after winter storms led to changes in the flow of the River Tyne below Wylam Bridge. The increased erosion of the southern bank caused by the river changing its course has been regularly monitored by the council to ensure the Keelman’s Way remained safe for the public to use. 

Gateshead Council

The Environment Agency would need to give permission for any works affecting the River Tyne. Gateshead Council is also in contact with the team there.