11-year-old boy from Durham launches 'Book Buddies' to help children with no access to books

Report by Emily Reader

An 11-year-old boy from Durham was shocked to hear that hundreds of thousands of children in Britain have no access to books at home so he launched 'Book Buddies.'

Tom will collect book donations from people, and then he will distribute them to local schools. So far he's distributed 100 books - and the scheme has even been given the royal seal of approval. 

Tom Richardson got in touch with Her Royal Highness after being inspired by her book club.

Tom said: "I made something called 'book buddies' when I was reading about Her Royal Highness' reading club the reading room and how she encourages everyone to read.

"And then I read that 400,000 children don't own a book so I thought why don't I donate some of my books to those children, it's heartbreaking really that some children may feel lonely because they can't read, it's very lonely time due to covid as well."

Tom is a keen reader, who says a good book can be the little bit of escapism we all need right now.

After scouring his own novel collection, he asked his school friends if they had any books they could donate. 

Tom added: "I really like reading, it's really exciting, it's like watching a movie in your head, but your imagination is limitless."

Tom hopes he'll get more donations, and be able to keep donating to local schools.

If you would like to get involved with the Book Buddies scheme, email hello@bookbuddies.online