Covid: Northumbria Police urge communities to look after each other as mental health suffers

Mental health has been affected by the pandemic.

Northumbria Police has urged communities in the North East to look out for each other as people feel the mental health effects of the pandemic.

The force has urged people who are struggling to speak out and seek the help they need.

This call has come after officers rescued two people who threatened to jump into the River Tyne within a matter of minutes.

Both incidents happened yesterday afternoon at the area of the river around the High Level Bridge and took place within minuted of each other. One was a 26-year-old man and the other an 18-year-old woman and both have since been referred to mental health services.

Superintendent John Bensley has praised the actions of the officers, and called on communities to look out for each other.

He said:

He added:

Supt Bensley added that he was pleased the two individuals would be offered the mental health support they need.

He said:

People in need of help or support can visit: where they can download the latest wellbeing and mental health guide.