Jobs secured on Teesside as Government commits to new eco-fuel

A greener and more efficient fuel partly manufactured on Teesside is set to be introduced at pumps up and down the country.

E10 will appear at petrol stations from September and the Government believes it will eventually be able to cut greenhouse gas emissions from transport to the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off the road.

The move is expected to boost jobs in the region and in East Yorkshire through the boosting of production at the Ensus plant in Wilton and through the reopening of AB Sugar’s Vivergo plant in Hull, which closed three years ago.

The Government believes the move will secure 100 jobs.

The Ensus plant in Teesside is one of the UK's largest bio-ethanol plants. In 2018 it had to halt production because of a fall in the global price of enthanol. Work resumed there the following year.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

The two petrol blends that are currently widely available in the UK contain no more than five per cent ethanol, known as E5; the fuel being rolled out in September has up to 10 per cent. Some older cars will not run on E10 so E5 supplies will be maintained

Grant Pearson, director of Ensus UK Ltd, , said:

Dr Mark Carr, group chief executive of AB Sugar, added:

He also said: