Positivity in the post - the charity inspiring the Teesside women of tomorrow

Report by Amy Lea

In the week that we celebrated International Women's Day, one Teesside based charity say they are determined to support young girls from deprived areas to develop into confident successful women.

Rubies was founded in South Bank in Middlesbrough by two women who wanted to help girls in their area realise their worth and potential, and they haven't let the pandemic get in the way

While they can't go into schools they are sending out packs of positivity in the post to help girls feel confident and cared for.

Liz Edwards is the co-founder of the charity, she says she wants to help young girls to realise their full potential.

"We know that girls growing up in Middlesbrough and the surrounding area are perhaps going to face challenges later on in life around employment opportunities and lack of aspiration we want girls to understand that they can achieve, that they can make a difference that they are important."

The packs of positivity that the charity has been sending out contain things like self care tips, sweets, small beauty and hygiene products and inspiring quotes.