Sarah Everard: The disappearance sparks reaction from women over safety concerns on our own streets

The disappearance of 33-year-old Sarah Everard from York has touched people across the country.

Parents voicing that it is their worst nightmare, neighbours sharing their shock and women, in particular, speaking out about their own experiences of feeling vulnerable when walking alone at night.

Whilst Sarah's case is relatively unheard of, unfortunately, women's stories of feeling intimidated in similar situations, are not.

'Reclaim these Streets' vigils are scheduled to take place online across the country this weekend. The idea behind the events is to raise awareness of how some people feel unsafe on their own streets.

Sarah Everard Credit: Met Police

People have taken to social media to send condolences and pay tribute to Sarah Everard.

Among those tho honour her life was her former school in York. Fulford School's head teacher, Steve Lewis, spoke of his 'great sadness' at hearing of Sarah's devastating death.

Mr Lewis added: "She spent her days with teachers and friends learning, questioning and developing into the lovely young woman we hear about and some of us were lucky enough to know. Her disappearance is truly awful. The last few days have unfolded to devastating effect to her family and friends."

The school headteacher went on to mention the topic that has been widely discussed since Sarah's disappearance. That many women, just like Sarah, also feel unsafe when walking on their own.

He finished his tribute by sending his deepest condolences to Sarah's loved ones: "I know I speak on behalf of our whole school community in sending our thoughts, warm wishes and prayers to all who have been part of Sarah’s life."

The school's twitter also shared an illustration by Charlie Mackesy, drawn to honour the life of 33-year-old Sarah.