Three lockdowns, two babies and a marriage proposal, the couple who made the most of their time during the pandemic

They say thing in life, happen in threes and that is certainly the case for a couple from Seaton Carew.

Lockdown measures have meant a change in pace for daily life for many of us. However, that's not the case for everyone, for some, the past year has been the busiest to date.

Rachel Taylor and Scott Gretton have really made the most of their time despite the Coronavirus pandemic, having not just one but two babies during lockdown, not to mention also getting engaged!

The couple's firstborn Oscar, arrived just a week into the first national lockdown on March 31st 2020

The couple, from Seaton Carew, said it was horrible that family couldn't meet Oscar but, because neither of them could work because of the lockdown, they made the most of time together they wouldn't ordinarily have had.

Rachel and Scott had hoped to have their children close together and were delighted when Rachel found she was expecting their second child in February 2021. 

What they didn't expect was for the country to be in lockdown once again. 

Scott and Rachel with baby number 2, little Chester. Credit: Family photo

Chester arrived 11 months after Oscar on February 24th 2021, aptly making an appearance on the couple's second wedding anniversary.

Scott proposed to Rachel when Oscar was born. 

He dressed the newborn in a babygrow embroidered "Mammy will you marry my Daddy?" and placed the ring on his chest before dropping to one knee. 

In the hope that their wedding won't also happen during a lockdown they have set the date for New Year's Eve 2022 into 2023.

They're now looking forward to lockdown lifting so they can introduce their little ones to friends and family and make plans for the wedding and the future.