Crackdown on antisocial behaviour in Berwick

Northumbria Police have joined forces with officers across the border to crackdown on antisocial behaviour in Berwick.

The initiative, called operation Inhibit, was launched last month after residents raised concerns about the behaviour of some teens in the area who were continually hosting cross-border gatherings of up to 30 people, complete with alcohol.

As part of the operation, uniformed officers and plain-clothed officers have already been carrying out dedicated patrols in problem areas to detect and disrupt crime, stop and search suspects and offer reassurance to residents.

Numerous bottles and cans of booze have been confiscated as well and Northumbria Police have said weekends of action are planned for the next four weeks.

Inspector John Swan, who leads the Berwick Community Team, said: “I appreciate this has been a difficult year for everyone, especially children who have been home-schooled and kept apart for much of the year, but that does not excuse the behaviour of a minority of teens who have causing misery to the area with their anti-social behaviour and flouting of Covid rules.

“There has been a hugely disappointing series of incidents that has seen a number of children driven home by officers, handed warnings and their parents spoken to about their behaviour.“One child was found in possession of a knife, a far from harmless object to be carrying, especially with alcohol in the mix – this type of behaviour simply won’t be tolerated and offenders will face action.”

He added: “With the holidays now in full swing we are asking parents and carers to work with us over the Easter period and make sure you know where your children are, who they are with and that they are adhering to Covid rules.

“No parent or carer wants a knock at their door from police, so please work with us.”