Hundreds attend 'Kill the Bill' march in Newcastle

Protestors in Newcastle. Credit: ITV News

Hundreds of people made their way to Newcastle city centre for a 'Kill the Bill' protest this afternoon.

They met at Grey's Monument for a rally and then made their way to the Civic Centre.

The event was designed to show opposition to the new Policing, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

It was one of several such events which took place today.

Currently, police have to show a protest may result in “serious public disorder, serious damage to property or serious disruption to the life of the community” before they are able to put restrictions on it.

A protestor in Newcastle. Credit: ITV News

They also need to prove protesters know they’ve been told to move on.

The new bill would mean permission for protests needs to be granted in advance and protesters could be fined £2,500 if they go ahead with a protest without permission.

Northumbria Police has urged anyone attending to ensure they remain Covid safe.

In a statement the force said:

While current Covid-19 legislation does limit gatherings, protests are permitted provided organisers take the required precautions to limit the risk of spreading the virus. We would therefore ask that everyone adheres to the rules and guidance which are in place to protect communities. The right to lawful protest is a key part of any democracy, which the police uphold.

Northumbria Police

The statement added:

Ensuring the safety of everyone, including those participating in the protests, other members of the public and our officers, is our utmost priority. We will have an increased presence in the city to deliver a proportionate policing response to any protest activity taking place.

Northumbria Police