Bishop of Durham calls for reflection and hope at Easter

Rt Revd Paul Butler. Bishop of Durham, has given his Easter message. Credit: Diocese of Durham

The Bishop of Durham has given an Easter message which encourages people to look back on the last year and take lessons which can be applied to the future.

Rt Revd Paul Butler said things are starting to return to normal following the pandemic but that this will be a slow process and cannot be rushed.

He compared it to the resurrection of Jesus Christ and said it took many years for the impact of this to be realised.

In his Easter address the Bishop said:

It's been a tough year, last Easter none of us expected to still be in lockdown conditions. We've begun to ease very gently and very cautiously, but the story of Easter is the same as ever, Jesus Christ is risen. On that first Easter Day it took a while for the disciples to grasp just what was happening, it took them weeks really to get their heads around it and a lifetime to live it out.

Rt Revd Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham

He added:

Let's move ahead gently, carefully, recognising the lessons we've learned just as those first disciples learnt lessons and began to live them out.