Friends from Teesside school take each other on in The Boat Race

Two friends who were rowing partners at school in Teesside lined up on opposite sides for today's Boat Race between Cambridge and Oxford.

Katie Anderson, who was School Captain in her time at Yarm School will be in the Oxford boat and Sarah Portsmouth who was Vice Captain will be wearing the light blue of Cambridge.

The pair competed for Great Britain together in the under 18 women’s pair at the Coupe de la Jeunesse in 2018 whilst students and won a bronze medal. In 2018 Katie gained a place at Brasenose College, Oxford to read Economics and a year later Sarah headed to Newnham College, Cambridge to read Architecture. 

Katie said: 

Most of my best memories and greatest achievements in rowing while at Yarm were with Sarah, so to have the opportunity to go head-to-head in such an important race, and another milestone in our rowing careers, is really special.

Katie Anderson

Sarah added:

It feels great to know that Katie and I have both achieved seats in the blue boats - it was something we spoke about a lot in school when Katie received her offer from Oxford and I was applying for Cambridge. We have an amazing friendship that I value so much but that doesn’t mean I won’t be giving everything I’ve got to beat her and Oxford.

Sarah Portsmouth

Headmaster Huw Williams said:

Katie and Sarah are continuing Yarm School’s proud rowing tradition. Competing in the most famous race in the world is a fantastic achievement which very few rowers get to experience, but it’s clear that our beautiful stretch of the River Tees is a fine place to learn!

Huw Williams, Yarm School