Sam Fender among artists to part ways with SSD Concerts amid claims of staff 'mistreatment'

Sam Fender has cut ties with the North East promoter

North Shields singer-songwriter Sam Fender is the latest musician to part ways with North East promoters SSD Concerts.

It comes after allegations of 'mistreatment' at work by former SSD employees were posted on the workplace review website 'Glassdoor'.

Accusations on job review site include claims that staff are 'underpaid', 'paid late', 'unfairly treated' and in some cases 'sexually harassed'.

The Brit Award winner said he had been shocked by the claims online adding that 'there is no place for harassment'. He went on to say he hoped for a more 'inclusive industry' in the future.

SSD have responded, saying that there will be an independent investigation into the allegations.

The North East promoters have also announced that their Managing Director, Steve Davis, has resigned with immediate effect.

"SSD Concerts can confirm that Steve Davis has decided to resign as Managing Director and that an independent investigation will be held into recent claims. The wellbeing of our team is of the utmost importance and any allegations of this nature must be investigated thoroughly."

The former Managing Director added to the statement, saying: “It is with a heavy heart that I step away from something that has taken so long to build, but it is impossible to ignore what has been said and written in the past week."

It would appear some people have been upset or made to feel uncomfortable while working at SSD and for that I’m truly sorry. I have decided to resign with immediate effect and will take no further part in the running of the company. The board and management team will take the company forward and I wish them all the success in the future.

Steve Davis, Former Managing Director of SSD Concerts
L Devine, IDLES and Lanterns on the Lake have also parted ways with SSD Concerts

Sam Fender is not the only musician to cut ties with SSD Concerts.

Fellow North East singer L Devine will no longer perform at 'Hit the North' Festival in Newcastle, as it is being organised by SSD Concerts.

She added that her Newcastle gig will no longer be promoted by the firm.

Rock band IDLES and Newcastle based band Lanterns on the Lake have also announced that in light of recent allegations, SSD Concerts will no longer be promoting their upcoming gigs.

The negative experiences from former SSD Concerts employees first came to light when company's instagram page was reportedly hacked, and screenshots of the Glassdoor reviews were posted.

In response, the company released a statement, insisting 'the safety of our staff, the agents, the artists and the audiences that attend our shows is paramount.'

The North East promoters were behind the UK's first socially distances festival Credit: PA

The North East promoter was being the UK's first socially-distanced festival, which took place in Newcastle last August.

They're also the organisers of the 'This is Tomorrow' festival which was due to take place in May 2020.

It was postponed until May 2021, but because of covid restrictions, the event has been pushed back once again until October 2021.