Taking on the Great North 'Wren' - the little girl and her marathon challenge

A 7-year-old from Tyneside has walked further than a marathon - despite being unable to walk by herself.

Wren Steer has Cerebral Palsy, something that developed after her Mum, Anna caught a virus called CMV during pregnancy.

The family have use of a machine called an Innowalk which is moving Wren's legs for her.

It's helping her muscles and her digestive system - and the family say they've seen a big difference in her communication too.

They're now using the challenge - originally called the Great North Wren - to raise enough money to buy one they can use permanently in their home to use as part of her therapy.

It would last until Wren is an adult.

Wren has enjoyed using the device so much she has walked further than the 13.1 miles of the Great North Run and has nearly gone further than marathon distance - 26.2 miles.

She shows no signs of stopping yet and the family say they're determined to keep up the fundraising.