Royal Northumberland Yacht Club pay respects to Prince Philip

Members of the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club have paid their respects following the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh on Friday.

In 1955, the Club was honoured to receive the Patronage of Prince Philip and in 1963 provided crew for His Royal Highness’ yacht, Bloodhound, for part of her round Britain cruise.

Olivia Grant's husband was Commodore of the yacht club in 1990, when he invited the prince to Blyth for a three hour visit, including a dinner on board the club's ship, which today had a flag flying at half mast.

She described the Prince as "charming" and said he moved around all the tables during the meal to speak to every member of the club:

"He came onto the club ship and just chatted and talked and of course he’d been to Blyth before."

The club provided a crew for Prince Philip's Royal yacht, the Bloodhound in 1963. The flag of the Duke of Edinburgh's yacht is still displayed in the club.

Member, Quentin Mitchell said "he lent the Royal Yacht, the Bloodhound to this club as part of a delivery job and we brought it down the coast as far as Blyth, providing the crew."

Bloodhound flag

The connection Prince Philip had with the people of Blyth and its yacht club has been much talked about over the years and to receive Royal Patronage and a visit from the Duke, was something members hold dear to their hearts.