Amazon to open new warehouse in Gateshead this summer

Amazon Credit: PA

Online giant Amazon has announced that it will open a new delivery station in Gateshead, creating new jobs in the area.

The warehouse building, located in the Follingsby Park area near Leam Lane, is expected to be fully operational this summer and will serve customers based in the Gateshead and Tyneside area.

It follows the creation of thousands of jobs at a similar plant in Durham.

A spokesman for Amazon said: "We are pleased to confirm a new fulfilment centre in Gateshead that will help us continue to serve customer demand in the local area and across the UK. Although still in the early days, we are progressing well with the project and expect to launch our building later this year."

The company said it 'prioritised the safety and health of our people above all else' and invested more than $10 billion globally to safetly deliver products to customers throughout 2020. "We implemented more than 150 significant process enhancements in our operations, from deep cleaning of our facilities to processes that allow for effective social distancing and more."