Self-taught makeup artist from Sunderland goes viral on TikTok

A self-taught makeup artist from Sunderland has become viral on TikTok after posting elaborate makeup transformations.

23-year-old Shannon Farrer's makeup looks have gained more than 700,000 views online on TikTok - with the majority of her views coming from America and Germany.

  • Shannon Farrer creates a makeup transformation video for ITV Tyne Tees on the Greek mythological figure Medusa.

The supermarket worker learnt her incredible makeup skills from watching Youtube videos.

Shannon says she gets her inspiration for her videos from TV, films and nature. Her favourite creation so far is "skull mountain", after she saw moss on a beach walk and wanted to style the greenery.

It takes her anywhere between half an hour and nine hours to create the content for her videos.

I just love transforming. I just enjoy the process of it, like I love painting and stuff, I'm such an artistic person. It's the whole process really, and then the end result is so worth the hours that I've put in for it even if I do wash it off 20 minutes after putting it on.

Shannon Farrer

This transformation into the horror film character Chucky took Shannon three hours.

Shannon described going viral on TikTok as "a surreal experience" and following the reaction to her work, she is now aspiring to become a professional makeup artist.