Three suspected human traffickers arrested in Newcastle as part of investigation into modern day slavery

Credit: Northumbria Police

Three suspected human traffickers have been arrested in a series of dawn raids as part of an investigation into the exploitation of sex workers.

Northumbria Police have revealed four women have also been safeguarded after four warrants were executed in the west end of Newcastle.

The raids were the culmination of weeks of intelligence by the force, gathering as part of an investigation into modern day slavery and trafficking offences.

Credit: Northumbria Police

Enquiries led officers to believe that organised crime groups had arranged for women to travel to the UK from Eastern Europe.

The investigation found the vulnerable women, most of whom were from Romania, were being housed in cramped accommodation and then coerced or forced into sex work. 

Organised criminals would take possession of their passports, documentation and control their financial income. 

But now four women have been moved to the safety of a reception centre where they will receive health checks and be offered tailored support by police and key partners in the city.

Three men arrested for modern day slavery and trafficking offences are currently being held in police custody.

Credit: Northumbria Police

Detective Inspector Graeme Barr has led the investigation for Northumbria Police and said victims are often lured to the UK with the promise of a better life.

He said: “We know that human trafficking and modern slavery is taking place in our region and we are committed to safeguarding victims.

“This investigation is specifically about sex work and exploitation but we have also investigated many labour exploitation and criminal exploitation cases in the North East in recent years.

Slavery is happening on our doorstep and we need everyone to be vigilant so that we can do everything we can to bring those organised crime groups to justice. These individuals prey on vulnerable people trapped in poverty in their home country and promise them a better life in the UK with the prospect of employment. But the reality is that life is not waiting here for them and the life they are forced to live is nothing like what they were promised, instead confined to poor conditions with no control over their own actions.  

Detective Inspector Graeme Barr, Northumbria Police

"Some of the women we have safeguarded today may not even realise they are victims but they will now receive the level of care and support they need.

“If you are concerned that this is happening in your community then please tell us and with your help we can help bring more vulnerable people to safety.”

The operation to safeguard the women was run in collaboration with Newcastle City Council, the NHS, The British Red Cross and Changing Lives charity.

Anyone who wants to report Modern Day Slavery or exploitation offences can do so online at the Northumbria Police website or by calling 101.