Great North Run organisers say they urgently need Government support to hold this year's event

The Great North Run is famous around the world Credit: PA images

The Great North Run are lobbying the Government, after concerns over not being able to get cancellation coverage could cause issues for the event.

The Great Run Company had to cancel last year’s event due to coronavirus restrictions, but so far they say they're 'optimistic' that it will go ahead in September - which will be the 40th anniversary.

The event organisers are now calling on the Government, and the insurance industry to help them with cancellation coverage - so that in the event of any more restrictions, they aren't left out of pocket. The company say without this coverage, cancelling the event would be 'disastrous'.

A spokesperson from the Great Run Company said, "We’re planning for the 40th Great North Run to go ahead on 12th September, in line with the Government’s road map."

We are optimistic about the outlook, and we’re looking forward to staging the UK's biggest road race and celebrating the 40th Great North Run. However, we are urgently appealing to the Government to work with the insurance industry to provide cancellation coverage for organisers of large events. Whilst the outlook is very good, no one can guarantee that further restrictions that would affect the successful delivery of events will not be required. In these circumstances cancellation without insurance would be disastrous for the sector. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to the 40th Great North Run, and will be announcing exciting plans for the event in weeks to come.

The Great Run Company

ITV News Tyne Tees contacted the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport for a response.

A government spokesperson said:

We are aware of the wider concerns about securing indemnity for live events and are exploring what further support we may provide. As announced in the Roadmap, the Events Research Programme will consider the effectiveness of various measures to reduce transmission risk at large events, including testing. The programme will start this weekend with pilot events carried out across a range of settings, venue and activity types.

Government spokesperson