Tyne Tees Television archive: An interview with the Prince

In the late 1960s, Tyne Tees Television welcomed a royal visitor to our studios.

Prince Philip accepted an invitation to the City Road studios in Newcastle, for the ‘Face the Press’ programme, during a trip to the North East.

The panel of ‘Face the Press’ consisted of journalist and presenter Ludovic Kennedy, Harold Evans, Editor of the Sunday Times, Brian Redhead, Northern Editor for the Guardian and broadcaster William Hardcastle, editor of the Daily Mail.

The Prince recalled agreeing to do the interview after receiving a letter stating it would be of great interest, and benefit, to residents of the North East to hear from him. It also stated some people in the North of England perhaps feared they were detached from the Royal Family, living so far away from a power-centered London.

The Prince's sense of responsibility, to the Queen and the country as a whole, was summed up by the Duke himself in the interview, half a century ago.

During the conversation the Duke was questioned about the north-south divide, and whether or not it seemed a long way for the Prince to fly from London to the North East. However, this was met with disagreement by the Duke.

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