North East reacts to the conviction of police officer who murdered George Floyd

Organisers of the Black Lives Matter protests which were carried out across the region say Derek Chauvin's conviction for the murder of George Floyd is just the start of the justice they are campaigning for. 

The crime ignited the Black Lives Matter movement which swept around the world and into the ITV Tyne Tees region with protests in Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Richmond.

Bradley Mafuta organised demonstrations on Teesside and watching the coverage of Chauvin's conviction, he says it's just the beginning.

Jess Jarvis also organised Black Lives Matter protests in the region.

Jess works as an NHS nurse and she says she's proud of her involvement in the movement.

It is a case that has undoubtedly shocked the world and forced a protest for change both here in the North East and across the globe.