Northumberland Council takes to YouTube to reassure voters polling stations are Covid-safe

Northumberland County Council safety video
Credit: Northumberland County Council

Northumberland County Council bosses have revealed plans on how the authority will be keeping polling stations Covid-safe ahead of local elections in May.

In a video on YouTube, they explain how social distancing and hygiene measures will be in place.

People are advised not to carry polling cards, and to vote by post if possible.

The video states: "Each polling station will have extra staff carrying out regular cleaning of touch points throughout the day."

In addition, mask wearing in polling stations is compulsory with some exemptions.

Kelly Angus, deputy chief executive and the council's Returning Officer, said : "The safety of voters is an absolute priority.

"It also offers a safe and secure method of voting, which is particularly important at this time due to coronavirus.

"For those who choose to vote in person, they can expect to see many of the measures they've become used to in shops and banks over recent months, such as sanitising, floor markings and face coverings.

"Whichever way works for them, it is really important that everyone makes their voice heard."

Voters can apply for a postal vote up to 5pm on the 11th working day before May 6.

Voters can also apply for a proxy vote up to 5pm on the 6th working day before May 6.