Orphan baby stoat rescued in Whitby

The team at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary are taking care of the baby stoat Credit: Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary

Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary is appealing for donations to help support a tiny orphan stoat after he was rescued by a horse-rider.

The team at the sanctuary received a phone call from a women who was out feeding her horses. She said, "I have found a baby something".

That 'something' turned out to be a little stoat, which was exposed and in the middle of a field. He was in the sun surrounded by parts of a nest and fur.

The baby stoat was found surrounded by scattered fur Credit: Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary

The woman sent photographs to the sanctuary and the team told her to pick the baby stoat up and keep him warm. She was told to bring him straight in.

The stoat was checked over and found to be cold, dehydrated and weak.

A tick was removed from behind his ear and he was put straight into the Intensive Care Unit.

We hope he makes a speedy recovery!