Train from York marks historic moment at London King's Cross Station

The 4.40am from York passes through the newly reopened third tunnel at London's Kings Cross Credit: LNER

An LNER train that left York at 4.40am this morning (26th April) has made history at London King's Cross Station.

After 40 years, it became the first train to use the station’s third tunnel and arrive at Platform 0.

The reopening of the Eastern Gasworks Tunnel on the approach to the station is a major part of the East Coast Upgrade. It was closed in the 1970s.

Gresley Class A4 No. 4491 "Commonwealth of Australia" entering Kings Cross Station from Gasworks Tunnel with The Coronation express, circa 1937 Credit: The Gresley Society Trust

The works will eventually provide two additional tracks and make it easier for trains to arrive and depart.