Ice cream at the seaside for Audrey after 14 months in Newcastle care home

Audrey Chuter, 85, celebrates her first time out in 14 months with an ice cream in Tynemouth Credit: Rusby Media

A care home resident in Newcastle has enjoyed a trip to the seaside in what was her first trip outside in 14 months.

Audrey Chuter braved the elements to tuck into an ice cream in Tynemouth on Tuesday, March 4 2021, as government restrictions around leaving care homes eased.

The 85-year-old, who lives at Eothen Homes's Wallsend site, said: "It's great to be out of the home and be outside, even if the weather is rubbish.

"I love ice cream - it's my absolute favourite. I had to get one even though it's cold and wet."

Ice cream is on the menu for Audrey Chuter on her first trip out since March 2020 Credit: Rusby Media

Care home residents had previously been unable to leave due to the government's coronavirus restrictions - or they would face a two week quarantine on their return.

However, a change on Tuesday means "low risk" visits are allowed without having to self-isolate.

Mrs Chuter had not left her Wallsend care home since March 2020.

Audrey Chuter was taken to Tynemouth by daughter Julie Chuter Credit: Rusby Media

She was taken to the coast by her daughter Julie who had promised that the first place they would go together would be the coast for the "biggest ice cream" they could find.