Drive to get girls on Teesside to aim high with 'Power of Women' campaign

Girls and young women in the Tees Valley are the focus of a new campaign to encourage them to aim high and pursue their dreams.

'The Power of Women' is trying to counter the assumption that growing up in a less advantaged area means you can't achieve your goals. 

The movement is the brainchild of Professor Jane Turner from Teesside University. She wants to raise aspirations and inspire confidence in the area's young women.  

According to the campaign:

  • Women working full time in the Tees Valley earn 12% less than men

  • Self-employment among men in the Tees Valley is double that of women

The drive to change this will be aimed at girls from primary age upwards.

It will highlight the successes of local role models through a website, and later, by working directly with schools.

Among the campaign supporters is Chloe Clover, a young filmmaker from Redcar whose work is receiving widespread attention.

In her mid-20s, Chloe co-founded the company Wander Films, making social media videos for business.

She says there are huge opportunities on Teesside - if you go out and find them.

Yasmin Khan is another high profile woman who is backing the movement.

She founded Teesside charity the Halo Project, which supports women in circumstances such as forced marriage.

For Chloe Clover, the Power of Women campaign is about highlighting the opportunities available across the Tees Valley and encouraging young women - whatever their backgrounds - to make the most of their lives.