Helpline 'Street Talk' set to offer support for young people in the North East

060521 - Street Talk Logo, mental health support line for young people in the North East - Credit: Oscar Slacke
Credit: Oscar Slacke

A helpline is to launch offering mental health support to young people in the North East.

'Street Talk' has been set up by Oscar Slacke from Jesmond. The 21-year-old took a counselling course during the first lockdown last year.

Since then the helpline has grown, with more than 100 specially trained volunteers on hand to offer help and advice.

What is Street Talk?

Why did you create it?

Why is it important to have a mental health support service for young people?

What sets your helpline apart from others out there?

What are your long-term goals with Street Talk?

If you are experiencing mental health struggles, please reach out for support.

Here are some charities which can help you access mental health services: