Ex-Hartlepool MP says resignation was not due to harassment claims

The former Hartlepool MP Mike Hill has told an employment tribunal that his resignation from parliament in March was not because of the allegations he is currently facing.Mr Hill is accused of the sexual assault, sexual harassment and victimisation of a former parliamentary worker, who is referred to as Ms A to protect her identity. He denies all of the allegations.Giving evidence to the tribunal via videolink on Thursday 13 May 2021, Mr Hill was asked about why he resigned as a member of parliament.He said that the high-profile death of Sarah Everard in March "was an influencing factor in my mind.""I wanted to get to the employment tribunal... because I wanted to clear my name. "I was reminded at a very, very raw time nationally that the details of the claim against me were known."The indirect inference drawn was that any support that I would get from the party would dissipate."Mr Hill added: "I did not resign as a consequence of these proceedings or these allegations against me."Ms A alleges that Mike Hill victimised her after she rejected his advances.Earlier on Thursday, she told the tribunal she felt "Mr Hill was trying to get me to kill myself so that this problem would go away."Mr Hill was asked about this claim during his evidence. He said: "I was horrified to hear that. I would never push anybody to that point."The tribunal continues.