Ex-Hartlepool MP admits he was 'in love' with a Parliamentary worker but denies wrongdoing

Ex-Hartlepool MP Mike Hill has told an employment tribunal that he once had feelings for a former Parliamentary worker, but denies accusations of sexual assault, sexual harassment and victimisation towards her.

"Put it like this," Mr Hill replied when asked if he was in love with her. "At one point, at some stage, I think that I was in love with her." He also claimed his head was "all over the place" when he'd messaged the woman saying, if he could, he'd propose to her. Mr Hill was already married at the time. 

In a witness statement he described the accusations as "complete nonsense" and said the claimant had sent him a text message confirming there would never be anything romantic between them. "I was fully aware of this and fully accepted it."He also told the virtual hearing he is an honest individual.

Mr Hill was the Labour MP for Hartlepool from June 2017 to March this year.

His resignation, which he says was unrelated to the accusations, triggered the recent by-election there.

The tribunal continues.