Take a look inside the newly renovated Stockton Globe Theatre

Report by Jonny Blair

It has hosted some of the biggest acts in the world, including The Beatles, The Stones, Cliff Richard and Buddy Holly. It has shown ballets, movies and pantomime.

And now, Stockton's Globe Theatre is due to start a new chapter in its history.

The 86-year-old building has undergone a huge revamp and ITV Tyne Tees has been to have a look ahead of the full reopening later this year.

Closed since 1997, the venue's refurbishment includes a new bar and dressing room as well as cafe and event space.

The newly renovated bar at the Globe Theatre

Jo Ager is the general manager of the Globe. She said: "It's just amazing. It's really quite emotional. It's beautiful.

Seating capacity is more than 1600. However, the seats on the bottom floor can be removed, increasing capacity to around 3000.

The seating capacity of 1600 can be increased to 3000

The theatre has returned to its Art Deco glory - with some parts, like the floor, original features.

The floor at the venue is an original feature

The Globe is a local legend that has long been a staple of Stockton High Street.

But in more recent history it became a sleeping giant, standing empty until the council bought it to help spearhead a revival.

Interest has been building to see what's inside, the excitement a reflection of what it was - and could be again.

This old ledger, in the dressing room, shows acts who were booked to play at the venue. On one page alone reads The Beatles and The Stones.

The cafe and event space open in July, with the theatre following in September.

500 free tickets will be handed to the people of Stockton in a prize draw... all to celebrate The Globe being back on the map, culturally, financially, and emotionally.