Darlington mural celebrates England v Scotland in Euro 2021 competition

The new mural which celebrates England v Scotland in the Euro 2021 competition Credit: Arthur Wharton Foundation

A mural in Darlington has been created to celebrate England and Scotland's upcoming Euro 2021 match.

Known as one of the oldest international rivalries in the world, the teams are set to go head to head at Wembley in June.

To mark the momentous occasion a mural has been painted on the external walls of the Arthur Wharton Foundation.

Although still a work in progress, it features the Euro Cup with the English Rose and the Scottish Thistle with respective emblems in celebration of the two nations.

The Euro 2021 Cup divides the two nation's emblems Credit: Arthur Wharton Foundation

The mural is the second to be painted on the foundation's external walls and will eventually be replaced.

Shaun Campbell, founder of the Arthur Wharton Foundation, said: "All the messages on these walls will be positive. It’s not graffiti, it’s street art with a message.

"It will always be positive and forward thinking, our aim is to inspire and motivate."

The mural is hoped to be a welcoming site for England and Scotland who will both be in the region this year - either playing or staying here.

Mr Campbell added: "We’ve got these two international teams coming to our region and this is our way of celebrating them coming here.

"It’s already prompting debate and discussion far and wide."

The mural also has links to Arthur Wharton's statue in place at the National Football Centre, St George’s Park, and his Scottish Ghanaian Heritage.

Mr Campbell said: "The Scottish wall also celebrates Andrew Watson, the world's first black international footballer and Scotland’s first black captain of the national side, inflicting the heaviest defeat in England’s history with a 6-1 Victory on Saturday 12 Mar 1881."

England's second group match will take place against Scotland on Friday, June 18 2021.

The foundation is based in Widdowfield Street, Darlington, and celebrates the life and achievements of Arthur Wharton, the world’s first black professional footballer, who played for Darlington in the 1880s.