Durham band record album from opposite sides of the world

Credit: Mark Race

A Durham singer records an album with his band from opposite sides of the world.

Raynes comprises of Mark Race, and his American bandmates Mat Charley and Joe Berger.

The transatlantic trio spoke to ITV Tyne Tees about the recording process for their latest project.

How has the past year been for you as a band?

  • Mark Race

With members from opposite sides of the world, what have been the biggest challenges?

  • Joe Berger

You've recorded new music, how has it been different this year, to normal?

  • Mat Charley

In 2019 ITV Tyne Tees spoke to Mark Race about his journey becoming the lead singer of the American band, Raynes.

The former Durham student was spotted on Instagram by musician Mat Charley, who was looking for a lead singer to join the pop-folk band.