A look inside Teesside's historic Steel House ahead of redevelopment

By Industry Correspondent, Rachel Bullock

It was built in distinctive shape to make it stand out as an industrial landmark.

For decades it did and thousands of steel workers passed through its angular walls.

Today though it is a shell, which has been sitting empty since that day when SSI folded and staff inside were told to leave the site. They left lots behind, including old coffee cups, keys and unemptied lockers

Many in the team looking to redevelop the site remember that day well. They want to tranform the site for the future.These will include a heritage centre but mainly it will be used as the gateway for Teesside’s new freeport.

Since the 1970s the house has been used as the HQ for British Steel, Corus and finally SSI.

The Thai steel firm whose boss flew here to rescue the whole site from closure, meeting journalists in a little room which has long since been derelict.

The further up you go int his five-sotrey building, the worse the disrepair.

On the top floor PPE must be worn because of the mould which covers most of the wall. Grass is even growing through the carpet.

There’s a hope to get people in by 18 months.