Quack thinking: family of ducks saved from Sunderland hospital grounds

A mum and her six ducklings were rescued when they became trapped in the grounds of Hopewood Park Hospital in Sunderland hospital and were unable to make their escape.

Their predicament was reported to the RSPCA by a worker on Wednesday 9 June.

Animal rescuer Inspector Lucy Green went to the mental health unit and could see the mother and ducklings hiding in a bush in a courtyard area.

The RSPCA says it seems the mother had flown into the walled area to nest and laid the eggs in this part of the hospital - but then was unable to get the ducklings out as they were too young to fly.

Lucy says, “The worker had monitored the family but they were still there and the mother was getting stressed so they contacted us for help.

“I was able to safely capture the mother and placed her into a box and soon her ducklings followed. I then took them further into the grounds and released them on a pond nearby

“It was great to see them happily run into the water and swim off after the mum and I was able to catch the special moment on video.”

It's thought the young duck family will be a nice bonus for the hospital as staff often take patients out to enjoy the pond area.