New air quality report claims Newcastle is one of worst cities in Europe for air pollution

160621 pollution car Tyne Tees

A new report by an air quality data company claims Newcastle is one of the worst cities in Europe for air pollution.

The figures, released on Clean Air Day today, say Nitrogen Dioxide levels in the City are even worse than London. The pollutant found in vehicle emissions can damage cells in the lungs.

Airly are the company behind the data- their CEO Wiktor Warchałowski said: “With 62% of the world’s governments sharing no real-time air quality, we wanted to take this initiative and show everyone what’s happening in the air around us on Clean Air Day. The data isn’t great for large parts of Europe but there is certainly an opportunity to tackle the problem. People need to change their habits especially with the use of cars and local authorities need to start by monitoring the problem then put in place appropriate policies to manage problem hotspots”.

Currently Newcastle City Council are working to reduce cars in the city centre - including the following:

  • Proposals to pedestrianise main streets such as Blackett Street, Pilgrim Street and New Bridge Street West area

  • To create more electric car charging points

  • Plans for an electric ‘hopper’ service for inclusive access in the city centre

  • Creating better connected walking and cycling routes in neighbourhoods

  • Plans to improve and secure investment in public transport.

The Council will vote on these plans on Monday 21st June.

Cllr Ged Bell, cabinet member for transport and neighbourhoods at Newcastle City Council, said: “We are committed to making our city more family friendly – with safer neighbourhoods for children to play out and walk or cycle to school and a cleaner, greener and more welcoming city centre where people can enjoy spending time.

“The proposals that will be considered by cabinet next week set out how we intend to achieve this change through a programme of investment in our city and neighbourhood areas.”