Police investigate hate crime after racist letters sent in York

An investigation has been launched after offensive letters were delivered to some residents of York.

The note, which has been branded as racist, reads "We have won Brexit - it's time for you to go back to wherever you come from".

It was posted to houses of people living in the Clifton Moor area, leaving some recipients questioning their future in the city.York City Council say they're horrified and that police are treating it as a hate crime.

The note posted through Melis' door at her home in York. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

One of those to receive the offensive letters was Melis Ozdemir.

She has lived in York for seven months and was left in tears after reading the hurtful message posted through her door.

Melis Ozdemir was left in tears when she read the letter Credit: Tyne Tees

The letters were reported to police on Thursday 16 June.

Officers are speaking to people who received the offensive notes, and carrying out further enquiries to see if anyone else has received a similar letter.

Inspector Godfrey added: “We understand that these letters in York have caused concern and we want to assure those affected, and those in the wider community, that we are taking this matter very seriously and are determined to find who is responsible for sending them.”

Councillors in the city have also condemned the hateful messages saying they are 'horrified' that this has happened in York.

Cllr Smalley cnotinued: "My heart goes out to those receiving such hateful mail and I am glad to see that they are being reported to North Yorkshire Police. Anyone receiving letters like these, or experiencing any other hate crime, should report it to the police who can also offer support.”