Ryanair cancels six holiday flights from Teesside amid ongoing travel uncertainty

Credit: ITV

Some long awaited holiday flights out of Teesside International Airport have been cancelled due to "ongoing uncertainty" surrounding international travel. Ryanair's Alicante, Palma and Corfu routes have been affected.

Both Alicante and Palma usually have two flights departing from the airport in Middleton St. George every week. Now, for the first half of July that has been cut to one flight a week for each destination.

Alicante, Spain: Flights scheduled for the 5 July and 12 July have been cancelled.

Palma, Majorca: Flights scheduled for the 6 July and 13 July have been cancelled.

The route to Corfu in Greece was due to launch on 1 July. Ryanair has delayed the move, pushing the first flight to the Greek island back to 21 July instead.

In total six flights have been cancelled for the first two weeks in July.

A spokesperson for Teesside International says it is hoping for more stability as the Covid vaccination rolls out further and restrictions ease.

“We realise this will be disappointing, however operating during a pandemic was always going to be challenging and we have to be ready to react to the latest Government guidance. Any passengers affected by the change will be offered a full refund and should contact Ryanair customer support for further details. As we enter the summer holidays, we are hoping for a more stable schedule as the vaccine roll out expands and restrictions ease.”

In November 2020, Ryanair announced it would be returning to operate from Teesside after a more than 10 year absence. The routes it currently runs from the airport are Alicante, Palma, Corfu and Faro.

Ryanair has been approached for a comment.